To Sever Ties With All Of Mankind

by Hard Venom

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released May 18, 2012

Captain Epic: Guitars, Bass, Piano, Keys, Programming, Production, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering
Pukovnik Krv: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Programming, Photography, Graphic Design, Liner Notes, Lyrics
Christophe Szpajdel: Logo



all rights reserved


Hard Venom UK

A band from the southern UK who keep moving to far-flung realms. Exploring metal, rock, classical, prog, and pretty much anything else that takes our fancy at a given moment.

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Track Name: Les Souffrances Des Mortels
Le sang de cent milles agneaux,
Tombe comme la pluie au sol;
Étant morts ils servent plus que vivant,
Ils souffrent d'angoisse en enfer.

Affligés par une malédiction mortelle,
Les mortels s'écrient dans la douleur.
Apeurés par l'effroyable,
Ils fendent leurs gorges dans la misère.

Suffoquer, pousser de cris aigus, des gémissements pour l'aide...

La mal personnifié approche:
Mortellement terrifiant.
Souffrance et chagrin misérables,
Fin éternelle...

La vie finit toujours par le sang;
Les nouveaux dirigeants usurpent le trône de l'humanité.
Track Name: Ignition Sequence Countdown to Demise
Condoning terror, meeting face with war,
Madness is loose again, greeted by hordes and swarms,
Critical death approaching, hands are forced by greed,
A silent world looks on in shock, witnessing the death of their creed.

Money spins power,
Power generates money,
A circle of maligned politicians
Run amok in their arena, keeping face;
Greed runs the state,
The State controls greed,
Capitalism and consumerism,
Funding the government, gone without a trace.

A ruined state, another jewel in the crown,
Nobody caring, falling for their blatant lies.
People dying daily: starved shot or drowned,
Propaganda glazing over, watching as time flies…

Millions dead, crushed, enslaved;
Dogma alive, they feel betrayed;
Jihad declared, warriors at the gate;
Death approaching, repentance comes too late.

Global war ignites:
Religion the fuel, greed the spark
A nightmare never before seen,
Mass genocide a day,
Earth left barren,
Nukes unleashed,
Demolishing the land,
Hell arisen, none left to slay…
Track Name: ...And Chaos Ensues...
The descent into great anarchy
Began with a new wish,
The monarchy’s hypocrisy
Resounds still like a kiss.
Toppled by a valiant scourge
The Royals laboured on,
Battling their detractor’s might;
The battle far from won.
Dread Lords of the far-flung realms
Abetting the rebellious creed,
Torching all the majesty,
Developing their own greed.
The death of thousands burning down,
Fires set ablaze,
A poison seeping through the realm;
Devouring those betrayed.

…And Chaos Ensues…
Thousands fled, screaming in pain,
Avoiding the rebellious feud.
…To Hell’s Domain…
Struggling against the heinous brood,
Looting buildings for their own gain.

A breath of sacred piety,
The masses listened well
To a sermon given by the priest,
Warning against Hell.
A crusade against infidels
To reclaim the holy land,
Raping and killing innocents,
Leaving them in the sand.
Plundering the wealth of the east,
The crusaders were all pleased,
No matter what sins they did commit,
The Pope had them appeased.
The deaths of thousands of Muslims,
Cities set ablaze,
The poison creeping from the church,
Their forces all arrayed.

…And Chaos Ensues…
Thousands fled, screaming in pain,
Avoiding the querulous feud.
…To Hell’s Domain…
Struggling against the Christian brood,
Sacking cities for their own gain.
Track Name: Bloodied Earth
Poignant skies mark a feeble death,
Shining down, they lay bare the corpse,
Creatures that prowl the night surround,
Mourning not, merely looking for food.

Its flesh rent from bones;
Its innards digested;
Its meat eaten;
Its eyes gouged out.

Left in the forest to rot, the corpse decays.
It leaves a putrid stench that feeds the leaves and ground;
The nutrients soak into the blood-laden earth,
Plants then flourish and grow.

Blood makes the grass grow…

The circle of life repeats:
Life from death, death from life,
An eternal truth that’s hated,
Yet death is an integral part of life.
Humans cannot accept this,
They mourn, attempt to save,
But are destroying all in grief,
Depriving flora and fauna of food.

Overarching shadows mask a death,
Closing around, they hide the corpse.
Human creatures surround the death,
Looking, not for food, but destroying only themselves.
Track Name: Acidic Scourge
Destroying people's minds, pouring acid onto your face;
Burning its way through your eyes, bleeding out your hate.
Raping your skull, destroying your brain;
Eating through your synapses, you're writhing in pain.
Your skin has melted, your nose has dripped away;
You're choking on the fumes of this acidic scourge.


The acid now leaves nothing, your chest is all agape;
Breathing out your ragged breath, breathing out your hate.
Dying in pain, there's nothing left;
Your body lies broken, approaching your death.
Your breath now comes in ragged gasps, stomach explodes;
You lie still on the floor, dead from the acidic scourge.
Track Name: Vices of the Vatican
Though sunrise is nigh at hand,
The dawn escapes one’s eye.
The deeds this night have shattered the peace
Whilst the waning moon was high.

The mind screams out a feeble curse as the pyres alight in scores,
A priest denounces the sorcerous ways that the heathen tribes have brought.
All young girls are dragged from bed to be tested of their faith,
Those who fail will be burned at the stake to cleanse them of their “heresy”.

The shimmering youths are led to the field to undergo their trial.
The priest anoints their brows with chrism to evanesce the spirits vile.

He strips them down to their skyclad state and flagellates them raw,
The kiss of the whip scouring their skin makes their red blood pour.
He forces them all onto their knees to succumb to his fecund needs,
“Confess!” he yells to their prostrate heads as into their mouths he spurts his seed.

Under the midnight sky the priest deflowers their virginal tears,
As blood drips down from between their legs he utters his holy prayer,
“Deliver these sluts from evil whilst I cleanse them of his taint,
My seed will wash away their sin before I deliver them to your gate.”

His duty now complete he leads them to the awaiting pyres,
Whereupon he anoints them anon to repel the spirits dire.
Their confessions received under duress he sentences them to an immediate death,
As their fresh young bodies are consigned to the flames he exhales his breath,
Rejoicing in the purge of “Evil”.

For the hundreds of young witches never again to see another dawn,
For the fanatical priest so self-assured that he’d delivered them from the horned.
For the pervasiveness of the Christian hordes and their narrowminded views,
Never again should one and all capitulate to their asinine untruths.
Track Name: Mourning The Souls In Infinite Night
Morbid undertones surround the town where dormant spirits lie,
Hyperactive death meets those who curiously peer;
Asphyxiation of the invisible ghouls that inhabit this weir,
The colours fade as we sink below the surface.

Slaughtering the ancients bears no fruits as we are dragged beneath the waters,
Drowning, we lie still midst the deeps, forced to suffer lung expansion torturing our sleep.

Cold, fragmented, the lament of the sea as it kills us slowly,
Regretting its part in the downfall of life.
The earth, a mere puppet dancing on the strings of the sun, the master ventriloquist,
Takes no responsibility for us as we die.

Mourning the Souls in Infinite Night.

Thirteen bright candles snuffed out over the course of eight, freezing, moonlit nights...

Infinitus est numerus stultorum.
Track Name: Year of the Snake
The serpent entwines itself,
Winding its way into another time.
The serpent then finds itself
Slithering across the fields of grime.

Eden, they called it,
The garden so pure,
Eden, he crawled it,
To find them the cure.
A tree of great wisdom
Now cast in grey light,
Its succulent fruit
Was the human’s blight.

To eat it was forbidden
By the ever-jealous god,
But it was not hidden,
So the serpent began to plot.

Eve, she breathed a sigh of relief
When Adam slept and his seed was bequeathed.
The serpent crawled in, wanting release,
Eve was receptive, the seed was now sheathed.
Naked she walked to the forbidden tree,
Her curves were bathed in the soft moonlight.
She extended her hand, her arm and body,
And brought down the fruit with all of her might.

She bit into the fruit,
Tasting its sweetness,
Her mind was racing
In its sweet delight.
Then she realised
The deception of god,
And because of him,
Stupid she was.

She basked in her wisdom, seeing the truth:
God was an idiot, power-hungry too.
She decided then to invite her mate,
Adam had to realise before it was too late.
On the way to their cave, she realised a thing,
At one with her nature, and nurture she was.
Her nudity was natural, of that she was sure,
But Adam must be persuaded to turn from this “god.”

She told him of her discovery,
He did not believe,
She gave him an apple,
His mind moved at speed.

He grabbed some leaves to cover himself,
And Eve laughed when he handed some to her.
“God’s a pervert,” he said with intent,
So she took them to shut him up.

God saw Adam’s prudence
And quickly angered.
“You ate my tree!” he yelled,
To Eve’s amusement.
He banished them from Eden,
And took away the Serpents legs,
But try as he might,
He couldn’t take free will.

So every day, every night,
Every time you feel spite,
Just remember through the day,
It’s the year of the snake.
Track Name: Vile Incarceration
Deep in the plains of Wisconsin
Lived a warrior more metal than most;
With a prediliction for younger Asian meat,
His hunger was not easily satiated.

Though the details are unclear,
He was detained by the furious hordes
Of the kvltest necropolice,
Charged with defiling a nubile succubus,
He was sentenced to unholy incarceration!

Through years he toiled,
Deprived of his delights.
Occasionally sodomised
Under infernal flourescent lights.

Eventually, he gained his freedom...

As he walked free into the night,
The wind affected not his lack of hair.
He quested for news of his goddess incarnate,
And broke down as the tidings were relayed.

As he gazed up into the dreary moonless sky,
"Yuuka!" yelled the grim necrowarrior
As a single tear dripped from his eye.
Track Name: Night of Samhain
Night was surrounding,
Shrieks were sounding,
Heartbeat pounding;
‘twas the night of Samhain.
People drowning,
Chainsaw grinding,
Leather straps binding;
‘twas midnight at Samhain.

Nightly death-knell o’er the graveyard,
Pain plainly painted on their faces,
Flayer flaying with his sharpened shard,
Assured to remove all tainted traces.
Alone in an alley, singing: the bard,
Rhyming night and day, he paces,
At 2am comes Death’s calling card,
Ceasing his existence in all mortal places.

Night was surrounding,
Shrieks were sounding,
Heartbeat pounding;
‘twas the night of Samhain.
People drowning,
Chainsaw grinding,
Leather straps binding;
‘twas midnight at Samhain.

Children out seeking favoured sweets,
Madmen out slicing their prey,
A father, drunk, finds his children to beat,
The feeble screams emitted, their thoughts betrayed.
The madman enters, seeing his treat,
The thread then snaps, not caring to fray,
Surging forth towards, madman’s treat is reaped,
His sustenance is found in their pain.

Night was surrounding,
Shrieks were sounding,
Heartbeat pounding;
‘twas the night of Samhain.
People drowning,
Chainsaw grinding,
Leather straps binding;
‘twas midnight at Samhain.

Night slips down over everything
A psycho stalking through the morgue,
The dead to him pleasure will bring,
One last duty they will perform.
Sensed in the air, energy sings,
Flowing out in torrents, it pours,
Surging through all, the power rings,
Deadly to all if it’s ignored.

Leather marks the lair of the sadist,
Whips and chains from which victims are hung,
The walls writhe, the air full of mist,
Their breath ripped from their throats, it had come.
The pain is felt as flesh suffers fist,
No more can it be felt as fun,
Escape impossible from this tryst,
A world of torment this has become.

Night was surrounding,
Shrieks were sounding,
Heartbeat pounding;
‘twas the night of Samhain.
People drowning,
Chainsaw grinding,
Leather straps binding;
‘twas midnight at Samhain.

The call of the Earth’s plea forgotten,
Madness and death doth plague this land,
Earth is now left decayed, rotten,
All of this done by man’s hand.
Peace and joy are now thought barren,
Time passes through glass like sand,
Counting down to the demise of men,
Going against the earth's master plan.

Night was surrounding,
Shrieks were sounding,
Heartbeat pounding;
‘twas the night of Samhain.
People drowning,
Chainsaw grinding,
Leather straps binding;
‘twas midnight at Samhain.

Witches covens
Magick brethren,
Wiitches rising tonight,
Pentacle glad
Rites skyclad,
Paganism rose this night.
Samhain feast
Not of the Beast,
Christianity lying tonight,
Halloween seems
Full of screams,
But not this Samhain night.