Vampire Rising

by Hard Venom

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Vampire Rising, the 5th album by Hard Venom, is a concept album detailing the story of Velnias, the character in the original Vampire Rising which made its first appearance on the debut EP 12 years ago.


released July 10, 2017

Captain Epic - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Piano, Keys, Programming
Pukovnik Krv - Vocals, Electric Guitar

All lyrics by Krv
All music by Captain Epic, except track 2 by Krv
All tracks © Hard Venom 2017

Recorded at the Halls of Epic, 2009-2016
Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Captain Epic

Logo by Christophe Szpajdel
Photography © Pukovnik Krv
Velnias portrayed by David Cook
Mireille portrayed by Ashley Nuccio
Graphic Design and Liner Notes by Krv



all rights reserved


Hard Venom UK

A band from the southern UK who keep moving to far-flung realms. Exploring metal, rock, classical, prog, and pretty much anything else that takes our fancy at a given moment.

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Track Name: Vampire Rising
He awoke from his grave, confused;
While around him there was nothing to which he could fuse;
In the dead of the night, owls wings flapping in flight;
He punched his way clear of the coffin:
He had risen again!

As he regained his senses, he looked around,
And as he did he saw an auriferous tomb.
But when he walked inside, he couldn't believe his eyes:
Beings feasting on human necks, which forced him into a terrible retch.
They looked around and threw him a glare, then carried on eating their victims rare,
So he swiftly departed and fell on his knees, frightened, he panicked and crawled for the trees.

Coming from nearby, whimpering he heard.
He walked over to look, the girl then screamed.
She showed him a mirror, but he was not in there,
He licked his teeth when the horror dawned...

A vampire he'd become!
He ran through the night
Leaving visions of fright,
Running blind
But leaving behind
A certainty of celestial doom.

When he reached the old town hall he walked inside,
And then barricaded the doors so that he couldn't get outside.
He walked to the reception and he asked for some help,
But when she looked up at his face, she almost died.
She fell off her chair and collapsed in a heap,
But not before she managed a squeak.
He looked at her there just lying blank,
So he bit her neck and drank...

Blood was on his face, dripping to the floor,
So he ran to the bog, and wiped it on his shirt.
Then he realised what he had done,
So he opened the window and leapt to the floor.

A vampire he'd become!
He ran through the night
Leaving visions of fright,
Running blind
But leaving behind
A certainty of celestial doom.

A vampire he now was!
He was a creature of the night
Leaving people with bites!
Chasing food
And leading his brood
To victory over humankind!
Track Name: Athanasia
He ponders upon his nature,
No longer a mere mortal man,
The change in him so severe,
Was he but a pawn in another’s master plan?
He had little control of his desires,
Or any of those under his command,
They accosted an innocent stranger,
Their lust for blood overriding his demands.

All around the screams surround her
Like a banshee in dismay,
Ebbing and flowing like a wave in a flood,
The vampires encircle their prey.
Blood now scented in the air,
A signal to the brood to come to hunt;
The streets were painted crimson that night,
Not a person passed by they did not confront.

In despair of the needless bloodshed,
I stepped in to influence their minds.
Seven hundred years had I walked on this earth,
My experience was needed by my kind.
Their brood was large, much terror had they caused,
Wanton chaos was not the way,
Some restraint they needed to show,
Lest shortly they would run out of prey.

All around the vampires jeered,
Convinced that my experience was not required,
To the fore stepped their fearsome chief,
“What is your name?” he enquired.
I invoked my dreaded name, “Athanasia”,
The brood looked around as if surprised,
In the presence of such legendary kin,
They knew one wrong move would spell their demise.

Their leader raised one maleficent brow,
Bemused to find his status under threat,
He ordered one of his lowly minions
To attempt to defeat me, and take me as a pet;
After making short work of the whelp,
The look their leader gave me was grave,
I had broken the mind of his subservient peon,
To test himself against my skills he did crave.
He moved as a blur, quicker than sin,
Assaulting me from three directions at once,
I barely managed to move out of the way,
But he continued to strike sans reponse.
Cannily using his own momentum
As a pivot with which to counter-attack,
I sent him careening into the air,
Convinced that he would land with a crack.

Landing softly with both feet on the ground,
He looked into my eyes with respect.
Offering to me the benefit of truce,
I accept but remain circumspect.
More powerful than I ever imagined,
He took me on as his right hand,
With the aim of resurrecting our glorious kind,
We set out to cement his command…
Track Name: The Exodus
The brood, once hunted, now stunted anew,
Gradually expanded in scope.
The vampires blossomed, their numbers grew,
Moon children new could not cope.
Their food source shrinking, chaos ensued
As they realised their shrinking hope.
Forced to migrate in search of new food,
The exodus of the vampires began...

To celebrate their impending departure
A truly magnificent feast was ordained,
Whereupon the powers of the realm bared their necks
So their blood might be drained.
Forced to attend under the threat of impending death,
The nobles catered to the brethren as fonts;
Donating their lifeblood graciously,
Sacrificing their lives in service of our wants.
In a master-stroke of political intrigue,
All knowledge of the threat we posed to others was silenced;
Allowing us to freely take up residency
In any other country without the threat of violence.
Now sated after the influx of blood
We departed into the chilly, windless night,
The flower of a nation left lifeless and cold,
Still seated at their places, bloodless and pearl white.

The preparations were made ready for the journey which we were compelled to undertake,
Each and every son and daughter assigned a province as their own state.
In an absolute autocracy where their every whim would be held as law
They could expand their lands to their hearts’ content or indulge in all the luxury they could endure.
The genteel dreams and stately ambitions of the youngest of the brood
Were swiftly silenced as an announcement from our chief had quickly soured the mood.

Velnias knew that the time was at hand
To afford his congregation some respect.
Though they despaired of losing their leader,
His power was too great for them to object.
He bid farewell to his trusted minions
Then set off on his voyage to break his anonymity.
A journey to part the mists of the past
And unveil the truth of his identity.
Leaving the reins of the new diaspora
In my capable hands with his audacity,
He wandered away from his perfect elite
And silently dissolved into obscurity.
Their bonds now dispersed as dust in the wind,
They scattered to the four corners of the world.
Prowling anew in their new prosperous lands,
A society of vampires flourished and unfurled.
Track Name: The Piquant Taste of Youth
In the midst of jaded sleep
I stir upon the crimson sheets,
Stained dark red with blood.
A sharp, sweet urge for flesh
Brings upon me change in dress,
I leave once more to hunt.
Out in the cool, dark night
I quell in me my urge to fight
Luring my prey to my door.

I spy my victim drawing near,
Her sweet young flesh she brings to bear,
My fangs sink into her tender neck.
Her soft moans do chill my spine,
I now wish to make her mine,
Thus, I then retract.

Now my servant sworn to behold
My every whim, my Lolita!

I conduct her back to my humble nest
And deprive her of her blood-stained dress,
Then stare in awe at her beauty laid quite bare.
From the top of her head to the tips of her toes,
Her innocence belied by her lucifugous pose,
A study in miniature perfection standing right before my eyes.

As dusk descends, I prepare her for her initiation rites,
A barefoot sprite clad in naught but night invoking in strangers a nocturnal fright.
Her beauty bewilders and distracts men from the tasks they have at hand,
Stirring their paternal instincts and leading them to the gates of the damned.
To choose but one amongst many is the task she has been set,
The sweet blood of a lone victim will reinforce the strength of her delicate threat.
Then a brute with lusts so uncontrolled attempts to accost her from behind
But she blurs with speed as she whips aside and around his neck her arms entwine…
“He’s now mine.”

Her teeth sink into his willing neck and slowly she begins to suck
His life out through his veins and thus she drinks his blood.

Her meal complete I lead her back to my den,
Her thirst newly quenched on the claret of men,
She collapses onto the bed that devoid of life three corpses hang.
Her flesh contrasts with the rivulets of gore
That saturate the bed as she begins to snore,
I deem her worthy of début into our high society.

She’s stole the soul of the underworld
With her blackest hair and dainty curls,
An enigma with murder written on her face.
A delight to know with her cultured tongue,
Her admirers range from the old to the young,
She cultivates her appeal and boldly steps into the realm beyond.
Track Name: Ipseity
Now departed from his rightful home
He slogs through the cities of various lands.
Searching for clues to reveal his past,
Time upon time the details slip through his hands.

Through deep valleys and over rugged mountains,
He travels a torturous path over the earth.
Visiting old subordinates to test their level of skill,
He keeps himself sharp by defeating their best and reminding them that they're only serfs.
Garnering a new reputation around the world
As a fearsome creature said to devour the souls of men,
Drawing the attention of certain beings so assured in their creed,
Believing him a monster who must be killed again.

Eluding his pursuers he found himself caught in a deadly snowstorm,
Searching around for supplies he pillaged what was due,
Taking refuge in a hillside cave somewhere in the foothills of a great mountain range,
He prepared for the worst in the freezing winds, willing that the storm would pass through.

Assaulted at night with no alert, he entered a state of perfect fury,
Moving at speeds beyond human ken, he killed them all so quickly not a single scream was heard.
Helping himself to the rest of their blood, he prepared to travel onwards on his quest,
Leaving the cave, the wind now quiet and stilled, he set out once again to discover his name.

Hearing rumours of a strange new power rooted in the northern realms,
Velnias wanted to seek her out and use her as a tool to defeat his enemies.
If indeed as rumour suggested she was nearly as strong as he himself,
His glorious reign would last a thousand years and ultimate power he would seize.
Track Name: Ascent to Authority
Tiring of the mundane burden entrusted unto me,
I convinced my petite nymphet to take some responsibility.
Keeping in line the vassals with her demure personality,
She earned the respect and envy of the rivals I had gleaned.

Overcome by greed at the power I'd given to my protégée,
Her former admirers turned on her and challenged for dominance in our brood.
Blithely she acquiesced to the rules of the proposed fray,
All would be veiled to ensure that the test of their powers was not skewed.

In a shimmer of movement and a flash of skin she closed the gap to her foes,
A seismic blast echoed through the hall as she punched one in the nose.
Then with an ease of movement that would suggest that she was mired in repose,
She took them all down languorously before despatching them into their death throes.

And as the dawning sun shone over the frosted horizon,
The bodies of the vanquished steamed, then erupted in a gout of flame,
Mireille removed her mask and looked at the rays of light with disdain,
Unaffected, she stood at the heart of the blaze, yet she felt no pain.
Awestruck, the sheltering brood genuflected at the sight of the photophilic dame,
She raised one brow in a semblance of mirth at the power she had gained.

Now acknowledged as the leader of the clans scattered through the world,
My youthful prodigy had the weight of society balanced on her delicate frame.
Using the lust of the weak-minded fools to keep ahead of the game,
Playing them off against each other to gain her "favour" until they were all tamed.

The lure of the treats so sumptuous on offer caused men to go mad with desire,
For the prize of merely kissing her feet would they crawl o'er a funeral pyre,
Her staid demeanour and lithe physique many would have liked to acquire,
But under her heel was such a pleasant spot that none would dare to conspire.
Track Name: Malignant Compassion
Wandering along the path of wisdom brings no joy to the cursed man,
Though many moons have passed since he set out his identity remains unknown.
Now having traipsed o'er the icy bastion of behemoths laying in his path,
He finds himself in a land so strange that he longs to return to his home...

As dawn arrived he sheltered in a disused run-down inn,
When sounds abound turned his head around to discover what dwelled within,
Gazing at him with compassionate eyes was a dishevelled girl so thin,
Upon being asked she eventually gave up her name as just "Guanyin".

She took his hand and stared at him with intensity that pierced his soul,
He began to understand the nature of compassion and his role in undoing the harm he'd caused.
That a girl of such a callow age could attain composure so serene
Was a reminder to him that not all humans were as lost as he had thought.
As the mercy and acceptance transmitted to him under her wise contemplation
Had served to erase all the doubts and behaviours that he had been taught,
He found himself bound by a hunger so severe that he doubled over in pain,
But when she reached out a hand to steady his body, before she knew it she was caught.

He fastened his jaws around her feeble neck and she moaned as he fiercely pierced the skin,
The delight of freshly taken blood was a feast for his parched throat,
She whispered aloud some mantras in her bizarre and tonal tongue,
An influx of power sent him into spasms while her life did fade as her neck broke.

Drunk on the nectar of such powerful blood, he wandered back outside,
The sunlight no more than hurt his eyes whilst he appraised the bright blue sky,
Though regretful of the life he had taken, he now threw his mission aside,
His identity was no longer his goal, he must now return to Athanasia's side.

As Velnias retraced his steps to return him back to the land of his rebirth,
The darkness grew heavy and again he found himself assaulted by men of the faith.
Barely moving to defend himself, he culled them all in a flash,
Without even stopping to glance over their corpses, he began to make haste.
The rumours he had heard that stemmed from the north were of a vernal girl in the flower of youth,
With powers unknown to others of his kin and a desire to remain chaste,
If he could return and defeat her he would take for himself her maidenhead,
While his former brood would see his undiminished power, and return once more to his embrace.
Track Name: Primordial Thirst
“Seven hundred years of melancholy,
Seven hundred years of pain.
The hunger, the thirst, eroding my will,
All that remains is the strain.
The torturous trappings of power
Now adorn my delightful progeny,
Her youth and naïveté refreshing to behold
While I remain in the shadows to act freely.”

The peons doth crave her power,
Whilst she dances 'twixt their ploys and schemes,
Controlling them all, an able puppet-master,
They fawn over her and suspect not a thing.
The clan she has built so full of cheer,
The vampires grow soft in their opulence,
But she backs it up with a power so severe,
Nothing does she lack in confidence.

“Seven hundred years to see the world,
Seven hundred years to see it all change,
The onset of technology a plague to my kind,
To one from my time it doth all seem deranged.
Though faster we are than their projectiles,
Humans are no longer merely prey;
A hunt worthy of the greats from ancient times
Seems to take place nearly every day.”

Spurred on by the sample provided by Mireille,
Young ones feign candour and let the prey take them away,
Preying on society's dregs proves to be a curse,
The mature among us starve as we can't lure the perverse.

Inspired by a fable from the Marquis de Sade,
Mireille prepares a feast for the prey.
Luring them in with the young ones as bait,
The mature will pose as fellows lead astray.
Mireille adorns the table nude, a docile nymph
While the libertines wager and leer,
Blinded by her beauty to such an extent,
Their lives end in happiness, not fear.
Sated on their scarlet blood so depraved,
We admire our leader for her bold strategy,
No more a prodigy, now a full-blooded queen,
She thus takes to her throne en déshabillé.
Track Name: One Misty Sanguine Night
One misty sanguine night the winds whisper a name to me,
The tides they speak hearken our departed leader and his primitive creed,
"The time has come," I exhort Mireille,
"What will you?"

Velnias sweeps into the manor hall and looks around it in dismay,
Auriferous accoutrements adorn the recumbent brood,
Priceless works of art adhere to the wall, embellished by a fresco 'pon the baldachin,
A lavish meal set on the table for the victims ere they meet their end...
"Foolish mortals..."

Informed by the vampires at hand that the fixtures are the work of their current queen,
A ruse intended to trick the perverse into exposing themselves as libertines.
They mock his abandonment of his own kind, and extol the virtues of the new regime,
They enlighten him of the power of Mireille, and tell him he should grovel until he is redeemed.

Velnias smiles enigmatically at the bearers of the news,
He announced to the crowd that he would challenge Mireille for command of the vampires,
"To save you from yourselves."

Unsure in her mind, yet unwavering in her heart, Mireille agrees to combat her antagonist,
I decreed a masked encounter to test their strengths without the aid of sight.
"This is my win..."
Veiled and disrobed he waits upon his foe, prepared in his mind for aught she could convey,
He senses her power walking into the room; silent she prepares to face his offence...
Track Name: The Epic Battle
Circling ‘round the manor hall to scout each other’s offences
They tightly circumnavigate to place their opening hit.
Psychic waves of power broil the air that lies between the foes
And tempers flare as Velnias makes no bid to submit.

Battle joins as each attempt to strike a finishing blow unopposed,
To watching eyes a blur of movement tracks across the hall.
A spray of blood marks the opening strike as Mireille connects with her elegant right,
Velnias admits to himself, “To underestimate her I was a fool”.

Picking up himself from the varnished floor he focuses his intent,
A challenger like none other he has faced will take all of his murderous resent.
They fly at each other landing numerous blows as neither can gain an edge,
In his mind’s eye, he sees in vitreous hues an advantage to be gained from an overhanging ledge.
Sidestepping around his foe and moving the melee towards the anterior wall,
He batters away at her with brute strength until her parries weaken and she staggers to fall.
Rising to an elevated tier with the ledge as his unorthodox stage,
He achieves a few unhindered blows and sends her across the room in a daze.

Mireille rises slowly and smirks while blood drips slowly from her lips,
Glad at the chance for an even fight, she yearns to bring him into her grip.
Abandoning restraint, she charges at Velnias headlong in her haste,
She keeps her head low and dodges his blows as she brings up her arms around his waist.
Stamping on the back of his heel to inhibit his movement in the fight,
She brings up her knee to strike him in the groin in an act of utmost spite.
Bowed by the force of her insolent blow, he is powerless to resist several further kicks,
Attempting to attain some small time to recover, he endeavours to create a new trick.

Rushing backwards beyond her reach he withdraws to a safer range whereby
He regains his vigour and promptly distracts her with a psychic strike,
Closing to within a range where he can land shots without being espied
He eludes her senses and under her ribcage he quickly spikes.
She turns around under the force of the blow and swings wildly at his torso
Though cognizant of the threat he blocks with a power that leaves her reeling more.
A grin plies its way across his lips as he begins to hunt his tenacious prey,
He pounds her gut with so much force his muscles audibly tore.
Ignoring the pain, he slams her at the floor while the building verily shakes,
Then lifts and throws her with incredible force at the wall which duly breaks.
She arcs her way through the darkened sky as her body gracefully gyrates then
Comes to a rest still in mid-air where she hovers as her latent powers wake.
Astounded at the floating presence some distance away in the welkin
He thinks to find a way to dislodge her from such graceful heights.
Deciding that speed of movement will cloud her mind and force a mistake
He exits the hall and begins his momentum to drag her from her spectacular flight.

Blurring speed marks Velnias’ path as Mireille tracks his progress in her mind
She increases her defences all around to avert a possible clout.
Leaping up behind her he drives his fist into her spine due to the
Blind spot in the eye of her mind which leaves her writhing on the floor laid out.

As he tries to put an end to the proceedings with a powerful smash to the face,
She rolls herself up out of harm’s way and tries to make a run for space.
Attempting to summon a cloak of shadows with the intent to herself efface,
Wise to her moves as she ascends to the sky he tethers her firmly in place.
Her mouth gapes in a mockery of fear as she strains against his telekinetic grip,
Before she explodes in a motion so quick the sound she makes cracks like a whip.
Moving at him at speeds unrivalled by the mortals and their flying ships
She adds her momentum to his impetus thus into his flesh she does briskly rip.

Velnias falls to the ground in pain at the colossal impact of her lithe physique,
A pressure forced through a smaller vessel caused increased damage to her target.
Mireille too lands with a sickening thud as her body absorbs the collision’s brunt,
They lay prone on the moonlit streets, the battle unended with both evenly split.
I watch closely as the battle unfolds, astonished at the speed of their embittered fray,
In such a short time, they had both mastered the arts of the vampire ways.
The damage each has already sustained is greater than the wounds I’ve ever attained,
Yet still they struggle to stand and extend this clash, aiming to each other slay.
At what limit will the tricks they have obtained cease to be of any use?
And will the victor retain the strength to hold off more challenges for leadership?
They sway in the cold air plain in the view of benighted humans woken from their slumber,
Too tired are they to cloud the minds of the weak as their strength has truly dipped.
Once more they begin their dance, as entranced the confused humans look on askance,
Rain strikes the ground as around they whirl in a maelstrom of cacophony.
Bruised by glancing blows but neither slows as time drags on nonchalantly,
A brief repose surrounds the two as both do plot lubriciously.

Mireille then starts to levitate again to draw her opponent’s ire,
Velnias raises his brow then follows suit as he takes to the sky.
Aghast she ascends to unreasonable heights to gain some leverage
Yet still he follows her higher and higher as in mid-air they vie.

The sky begins to lighten as dawn brings an end to this ensanguined night,
Sensing that the battle will soon culminate, Mireille travels vertically at great speed.
If she is followed Velnias will burn up when the sun breaks the horizon,
Yet if he pulls off and out of the battle he will have no choice but to cede.

Rays of golden light spread their way across the tattered terraces,
The landscape torn apart by the ferocity of their attacks.
Velnias rises steadily as Mireille smirks knowing the end is near,
Soon he’ll burst into flames and descend quickly to the ground on his back.
Yet still he ascends and as she makes him out, no trace of fire lashes his form,
Plainly stunned she is slow to react as he passes her height unchecked.
From above for the very first time in the fight he unleashes his full power at Mireille,
A fist in the stomach he drives her down, giving her no chance to deflect.
The air buffets and gashes their skin so fast is their speed of descent,
They hit the ground with a crack that reverberates loudly around the great town;
Two figures writhe in the thick dense smoke, one standing in a pose of victory,
The other supine and clearly incapable of movement, battered down.

Cloud dispersed Velnias gathers her up and brings her back to the hall,
Removes his mask and feasts his eyes on the glorious young nymphet.
To fortify his rule, he takes her on the flagstone floor in front of
All the docile fools who she had turned into her pets.
Track Name: Serene Delirium
Velnias removes her mask and gazes deep into her bistre eyes,
Her pupils contract in recognition of the man who atop her lies;
Uttering a wordless scream of fear, she casts him off and begins to cry,
Her shocked outburst so surreal that I begin to wonder what went awry.

Mireille’s demeanour changes in a flash,
Her tears stop leaking and she moves so fast,
Towards those that watched the fight so reposed.
She needs her vengeance and they won’t atone.
She gouges out their eyes and rips the heads from their necks...

Her wounds heal at an unheard-of rate,
She looks around, psychotic, in her unclad dirty state;
The sounds of alarm that echo around the room
Cause her to quiver with anticipation in the gloom.

Her body stiffens, catatonia swiftly taking hold over her pale figure. Murmured exclamations of disbelief can be heard from the gathered members of the brood. What had caused this outburst? Had Velnias concussed her? What could possibly result in such a profound and sudden dementia?
Her battered body, still bearing the grime and scars from the earlier battle, plus the blood dripping down her legs from Velnias’ forced encroachments onto her dignity begins to stir, rising unsteadily to her feet, rocking back and forth rhythmically in time to a beat only she can hear. She gazes at a point far in the distance, before her dance begins again.

She grabs one by the breast,
Grips so hard she exposes the chest.
She pulls out one of her victim’s ribs
Then stabs her in the heart with the skeletal shard.
Twisting in a dance of death and blood,
She dispatches her foes in the flood.
Twirling upon her toes she spins ballet,
With her speed, she eliminates her prey.

Outnumbered by the cadre of vampires skulking around the hall,
She forsakes her dance and bolts through the door from which light does now pour;
They shy away from the rays of the sun whilst Mireille escapes their ire,
But Velnias hastens after her fleeing form for the consequences are dire.
The pursuit through the wreckage of the once pristine town moves quicker than a blur,
But Mireille’s exhaustion sets in quickly and Velnias grabs her ere she hits the floor.
Track Name: Dolorous Haze
Sweet silence surrounded the slumbering girl,
So dainty and pure in her sleep.
That mere hours ago she'd torn streets asunder
Seemed odd as her state looked so weak.
She turned in her drowse, yet strapped she kowtowed,
Manacles clasped at her hands and her feet;
An eyelid slipped down, she awoke with a scowl
As memories returned of defeat.
A struggle began as she tugged at her ties,
Loosening chains that were best left alone.
Her eyes met mine as she fought her new foe,
Glaring in frustration she moaned.
Assessing our strengths, I lashed out at will,
Ceasing when at last she was prone;
As a wind swept up and scoured the walls,
I was battered and cowed by her blows.

In one swift moment, her power subdued as she gasped and fell once more,
A sweat broke out o'er her bruised physique as her store of power ran dry.
I tried to calm her though her body stiffened and convulsed on the floor,
Her eyes rolled back in her head then focused as she loosed an unbridled cry.

She calmed and looked into my eyes and began to explain her plight,
With both parents lost, all alone Mireille had to beg and steal to survive.
She had been taken in by a family who shamed and abused her rights,
Denied love and friendship, even of her mother tongue she was deprived.
Departing in the dead of night to visit her father's grave,
She arrived to find the headstone defaced and the coffin smashed and profaned.
Expelled from her home once more, all her possessions thrown away,
She fell into my power but her father risen had sent her insane.

The pieces finally fell into place,
She looked behind me and saw him standing there.
His eyes conveyed deep, lasting shame.

Mireille looked away as Velnias stood by,
His history filled in caused his thinking to fly.
He asked her his name, she replied with a sigh,
“Žydrūnas,” she said, his mind reeled in delight.
His true name reclaimed, he returned to the brood,
The leader once more led an ebullient mood.
Mireille was aghast, she could aught but conclude
That her days were numbered before servitude.
She decided to flee, making haste to afar,
She would use her finesse to carve her own path,
She found a new home, with a gleaming red star,
Her acuity now to precede the bloodbath.
Track Name: Hammer and Fickle
In this world of flagrant lies
Where the light descends to die.
Those pieces that qualify
That which threatens to defy.
All around the numerous peons
Bowed to deify their liege,
In a world blood-drenched with war and terror
A new hope came to set them free.
The battles fought had ruined the land,
Distrust was felt from sea to sea,
Now a new plot to make equals of all
Gives them hope to raise an army.

Be one with the hopes of the land.
Feel weak no more.
In the new world order
Fear will not stop us, evermore.

The stains of governments past
All the threats from wide and far.
The experience of the tsars
The masses with the works of Marx.
Her eyes, they shone like twin radiant suns
With a lustre of bistre so deep in doctrine.
Her smirk spread wide 'cross her porcelain guise,
With malice writ large in defiance of her mien.
Unfurled behind her stature serene,
A flag dyed red with the blood of the freed.
To raise up the weak, make right what is wrong,
Mireille stood up to announce her decree.

The proletariat gathered round
To witness the end of their strife.
The upper echelons within their ivory towers,
Brought to their knees by the strikes.

Those workers who toil for naught
O'er the sizeable empire wrought.
The enemies we recently fought
Other countries now of power distraught.
Track Name: Blood Serpent
Concerned by the growth of power in the east,
We looked deeper into its cause.
Rumours had appeared of a prodigal youth
Which gave both of us pause.

She had seized control of the Soviet arms,
A race to be first to command humankind.
The wounds of the wars had been gradually curtailed,
The priority now to resist decline.
The world was aghast at the crimes they had seen,
An outcry of rebukes was heard all around.
The famines she'd caused led to millions of deaths,
Her reputation becoming feared and renowned.

We put into place measures of our own
To counter the threat that she presented.
A leader to be our mouthpiece
And build a state to last a thousand years.
The threat of war beckoned loudly
So we built up our forces and allies.
The suspicion of clandestine sympathies
Gave us the right to detain our foes.

As war began to break out in far-flung lands,
We decided to try to pre-empt her demands.
A covert concord giving each of us rights
To a sizeable slice of the continent grand.
She agreed to our terms, giving nothing away,
Unspoken to all was our earlier rapport.
The pact was then signed, our rights were assured,
There was naught to do now but prepare the onslaught.

We started the war as a way to take her power,
But beyond reproach she
Was nothing but loath to agree to
Greater cooperation.

The war reached its peak
Would it ever conclude?
This blood serpent with
Her nosferatic brood
Guiding us to hell...